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paceUP! - Test is looking for testers

Part of the paceUP! testing family

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paceUP! - Test, V 1.0

Developed by UP! International AB

paceUP! gamifies all your training to make it fun! Track your training with GPS through your smartphone or with a Garmin device, collect paceUP! points, and see how your training compares with your friends. Gamify your training Your training, either logged through your GPS device or manually, will award you paceUP! points. You...
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Please make sure you use the app to track at least one actual fitness activity (can be as simple as a walk).


Male & Female

22-55 years old

iOS 6.0 - 12.1.3

iPhone, iPad

All corners of the world

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  Available 9 February - 16 February